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    Magento Upgrade Service
    Upgrade to Magento 2

    Migrate your Magento store to the latest version without breaking a sweat!

    A vital service of the Magento platform known as Magento Upgrade service delivered by Mage Monkeys enables the e-commerce sellers to espouse the up-to-date version of Magento and take their online store to next level. Careful planning and analysis are the keys, that’s why we deliver only tailored migration solutions. The solutions that will enable you to break new grounds with the revamped, more advanced platform.

    Upgrade Magento 1 to 2 & your Magento eCommerce store will deliver:

    Optimize page loading

    Engaging user Experience

    Advanced conversion rate

    Payment gateways secured

    Modernized checkout process

    In-depth analysis of your store

    Reduction in cart rejection rate

    Minimal extension integration time

    Minimal risk

    Managed Magento 2 Upgrade Services

    Get benefited from fast and seamless Magento 2 migration service.  We will carefully guide you through the process migrating your data, SEO value, creating design and building custom functionality.

    Core Database Migration

    Transferring store data is the first and most important step of the migration process. That basically includes moving store configurations, lists of all products and customers, sales data, basic SEO setup and site content. Following the migration principles outlined by Magento, our developers will carefully prepare your store database and safely move it to a new Magento 2 installation.

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    Design Migration ~ Theme Upgrade

    The fact is, Magento 1 themes are NOT transferrable to Magento 2. That is why you need to find a new store theme, recreate the old one or recreate a new custom theme from scratch. Our experienced designers can:

    • Find, install and customize any ready-to-apply theme
    • Completely recreate your current Magento 1 theme, so you won’t even spot the difference
    • Build a brand-new and trendy design of your Magento 2 store
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    Upgradation of Extensions

    To enjoy the latest features of extensions and third-party modules it is important to upgrade them at regular intervals.

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    Migrating Advanced SEO Settings

    Migrating to Magento 2 can come with a certain amount of SEO risks if you are using third-party SEO solutions.  The reason is that SEO extensions and custom-built SEO solutions create an advanced SEO setup that can NOT be transferred with the standard Magento Migration Tool. Our experienced SEO team will help you:

    • Recreate advanced SEO settings
    • Efficiently optimize current SEO setup for better website SEO results
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    Each Magento 2 upgrade service comes with a 3 months warranty. The warranty may not be valid if you make changes to the code of your website after we perform the upgrade.

    Mage Monkeys' Magento Upgrade Process

    To perform Magento version upgrades we follow a specific methodology and have our own internal checklist.
    Different actions that we take to achieve it are:

    A testing site will be used to observe the actual process while upgrading functional behaviour. We ensure that the original data and site remains untouched.

    Before implanting the process we make sure the back-up of your site and data is carefully stored. Online replacement of existing site with the updated one.

    We deliver the environment specified Magento upgrades. Process of testing is being implemented in order to fix any of bugs or any show stopper issues.


    Magento Upgrade Success Stories

    Limoges Collector

    US-based company named Limoges Collector is in the business of selling French Limoges. Mage Monkeys suggested them many solutions including an upgrade to the latest Magento version after they approached us with many issues on their online store. Following an in-depth analysis of the store, we planned out a proper strategy to tackle the issues and let our client provide enhanced experience to their customers.

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    Limoges Collector
    Luxury For Princess

    Netherlands-based company named Luxury For Princess sells hair extensions and other related products. They reached out to Mage Monkeys after they noticed some issues with their Magento store. After proper analysis of the issues, we suggested solutions and planned out strategies to reach the goal. In the end our efforts paid off and client was able to have a redesigned fresh website with stunning features.

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    Luxury For Princess
    Custom Neon

    An Australian-based neon LED designing company named Custom Neon had been experiencing a major issue on their store. They reached Mage Monkeys to find a solution and our team took care of the task neatly. Impressed with our work, they signed up for a long-term plan and asked us to provide version, feature integrations, etc. which we did well too.

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    Custom Neon

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before we start migration services, we want to make sure we understand the insides and out. If we do not have a full understanding of the site, then there may be issues that are overlooked, extension conflicts, performance issues, or security problems. To avoid this, we perform a site audit on your store. These are some of the predefined areas we cover and during the audit we will also review your theme settings, site usability, source code quality, server setup (software versions, PHP setup), caching mechanisms usage, background jobs and other areas that are specific to your business case. At the completion of our audit, you will receive a detailed analysis of your site that identifies strengths and weaknesses

    Yes, your Magento store is eligible to get migrated in latest 2.X(2.4) version if your current Magento version is 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9. Contact us if you wish to perform Magento 1 to 2 upgrade.

    With our stellar service we can help you improve your eCommerce store performance by integrating accurate data and categorization, prioritize mobile, focus on visual impact as well as implement proven eCommerce strategies. This will streamline your processes, help you tap potential targets and offer user-friendly experience to your customers.

    Magento migration process includes data, theme, extension, SEO & other settings migration. The timeline for Magento 1 to 2 upgrade depends on the number of products and pages your store has. Contact us to get the detailed timeline.

    The cost for the Magento version upgrade service depends on the number of products and the size of your website. We have to study your site & then we can offer a quotation.

    The Mage Monkeys Advantage

    Thorough quality testing before actual deployment of site

    Constant monitor of security, speed and consistency during the upgrade process

    All the Magento upgrade process has been carried out successfully till date.

    Competitive rates for Magento 2.X upgrade services

    Continuous monitoring of the upgrade process to ensure error free transition to the latest version

    What Our Happy Clients say about us!

    Need of Magento Upgrade Services?

    If you want to have all the latest technical features in your online store by upgrading to the latest version then Mage Monkeys is the answer. Our expert team can aid you to achieve the goal of access to the latest features with ease. Let us know your requirements and we would deliver a free quote from our professionals.

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    Mage Monkeys is an award winning Magento specialised agency having clients across the world. We have experience of more than 18 years in eCommerce industry and have developed more than 500 eCommerce websites.

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